midwest manure services Because of the broad client base, we offer a wide array of services and equipment to do nearly any job.

-Environmental Safety-
Many times environmental safety can be overlooked when selecting a manure applicator. Midwest Manure takes every precaution to prevent any type of environmental impact.

-Double Flow meter system-
With a flow meter placed at the lead pump and applicator, it is much easier to monitor flow. Both meters should be running very similar flows at any given time. Differences may indicate a line leak or other issue. Utilizing this system allows problems to be detected earlier, possibly eliminating an undetected issue. These monitors are especially helpful during night pumping where problems are harder to detect by sight and simple line checks.

-Mobilestar Pump Controls-
These internet based pump controls allow each pump to be monitored 100% of the time. If any unwarranted pressure changes occur, the system can be shutdown and valves closed with the touch of a button, bringing with it further peace of mind.

-Full Environmental Insurance-
In the instance that an accident did occur, we have full insurance to cover environmental damage. With our stellar track record, we expect to never have to use this policy, but in the case of accident our customer can have the peace of mind that all issues will be taken care of.

pits -Deep Pits-
Low Rates: Capacity to run ultra-low rates down to 2500 gallon/acre or less. One of the biggest challenges for drag line application is very low application rates. It becomes difficult to cover enough ground while still pumping large hourly gallon totals. We are continually looking for ways to cover more acres per hour by increasing toolbar size as well as increasing ground speed. In most instances, we try to stay below 7.5 mph. Typical finishing barn pumping speeds range from 1400 to 2500 gpm.

-Pit Agitation-
Two chopper pumps are included in our base rate pricing. With the increases in barn size it continues to be a challenge to properly agitate bars. Additional stir pumps can be added as requested and many times we prefer to use more than 2 stir pumps simply because of the faster pumping speeds we are achieving.  

-Lagoons/Vats- vats and lagoons at MMM
From 250,000 to 40,000,000 gallon lagoons, we have the equipment to pump them efficiently. With flow rates surpassing the 2500 gpm mark and 3000 gpm in our sights, we can make quick work of even the biggest job. Not only can these large basins be pumped quickly, the addition of a PCE lagoon agitation boat in 2012 has taken the work out of stirring these pits. The agitation boat has really allowed us to stir anything from earthen lagoons to concrete vats in a much more efficient manner. In a matter of seasons, the boat has taken lagoons we battled for years to clean out with lagoon pumps and scoured them clean. Owners have been able to add months of storage as well as get peace of mind that the manure applied is even from top to bottom. We can deliver a much more consistent product from start to finish. Growers really appreciate the consistency of NPK and organic matter in their manure samples.


-Biosecurity Packages-
We have custom biosecurity packages available for high health or sow farm jobs. With the new PED Virus and the continued threat of PRRS, it has become increasingly important to control disease by any means possible. With the ability to move from swine to dairy farms, we can provide needed separation times from hog farm to hog farm in a more economical manner. These packages can be customized to meet customer demands and requirements, ranging from washing between sites to downtime between farms. We are even able to offer dedicated pieces of equipment in some instances.

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